Delray Community Wellness Center Provides
Free Screenings (by appointment only)

In an effort to provide our Delray Beach community residents additional preventive screening services, DCWC collaborates with various health care providers and professionals within the surrounding areas to offer free assessments and access to specialized equipment often required by older adults.

We are continually working to expand the free services offered through DCWC. Currently, we provide:

  • Alzheimers/Dementia Screenings
  • Free Balance and Fall Risk Assessments
  • Hearing Screenings
  • Blood Pressure Screenings
  • Free Amplified Phones
  • Free Captel Phones

All screenings are done at the DCWC, except the balance and fall risk assessments which are completed in Suite F-116.
All appointments are made with Dr. Cassidy (561) 808 – 7743

Alzheimer/Dementia Screening
Brain Matters Research

Dr. Mark Brody
4th Friday of Every Month
10 am-2 pm

Free Balance and Fall Risk Assessments
Physician Therapy Institute, Inc.


Hearing Screenings
Dr. Cori Walker

Every Month


Blood Pressure Screening
Christina Pengelley

Every Month

Free Amplified Phones
Fred Shott


Free CapTel Phones
Mickey Oliva


Delray Community Health and Wellness Education

Delray Community Wellness Center’s Education & lecture programs are designed to provide local residents in Delray Beach and surrounding areas evidenced-based information on health and wellness topics to assist individuals in maintaining their personal health.

Physicians, nurses and other professionals present on a wide range of health, healthy living, and personal and financial safety topics for free. Lectures cover the gamut of topics from heart health, diabetes, cancer support, memory care, mental health and personal safety and consumer protection. DCWC Health Education programs are reinventing the face of wellness.