Social Activities and Outings

Men, women, singles, and couples are all invited to join in. We go out for lunches, dinners, happy hours, host game nights, and other activities. Good times are for the young at heart regardless of your age!

We welcome our members to suggest and host events that they are interested in. We will help guide you through the process. Even though we may slow down as we get older, maintaining a commitment to social activities and sharing new experiences is a must!!!! Be sure to view our Monthly Calendar for the latest updates on programs, classes, workshops and events!!!!

Movie Afternoon

"Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes."
- Robert Altman

Come join us every Friday from 2 pm – 4 pm at Delray Community Wellness Center for classics, comedy, adventure, mysteries, and new releases.

Free popcorn is provided for everyone. Come socialize and make new friends!!

The benefits of watching movies are immense. Sitting in a theater with your friends munching on popcorns and sipping your favorite smoothie you watch your favorite actors battle aliens in a larger than life frame. You feel excited, scared, emotional and happy during those two and a half hours; you are transferred to a world away from reality and you enjoy every moment of it. As you walk out of the theater doors, you feel rejuvenated, de-stressed and realize that you had, even for a few hours at least, forgotten about the troubles of day to day life. Certain therapists have actually prescribed films to help patients overcome obstacles like depression or a slump in their emotional well being.


Using Music, Art, and other “Purposeful” Activities to Help Manage Pain and Chronic Conditions

The positive effects of music, art, and relaxation therapies in lessening chronic pain have been widely reported in the literature. In support of this overwhelming research, Delray Community Wellness Center offers a wide variety of programs, workshops, and events throughout the year.


"Where words fail, music speaks."
- Hans Christian Andersen

Winn Winn Situation

“The Winn Winn Situation” with performances from Dave and Goldie Winn, is a show filled with fun, interactive nostalgic songs and lyrics, with music from the 30’s through the 70’s!

A sure way to relieve stress while having fun!!


My name is Goldie and my husband’s name is Dave Winn. We have been married since 1974 and have been making music together ever since. We formed our duo 4 years ago and love entertaining in a variety of venues. We have a high energy and fun show with audience participation and even some costume changes!


“The Eldercation® Experience” with Harry J. Getzov

"A precious treasure of untapped wisdom and information lies hidden within our aging population, waiting to be revealed." - Harry Getzov

Harry J. Getzov, Entertainment Attorney, Songwriter’s Son, Artist/Personal Manager, and Author of the award winning book, “gold”, addresses “Changing the Way our Culture Views Aging and Older People.” Harry is a friend and frequent visitor to the Delray Community Wellness Center. Among Harry’s offerings are “Getting to Know The American Songwriter.” You will learn everything you always wanted to know about the creators of our favorite music. You know the performers of our favorite songs – but what about the songwriters?


Art Classes

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." - Pablo Picasso

When experiencing pain, people often comment that they find their “experiences beyond expression.” There are no words to describe the journey they have taken.

Both drawing and painting are effective ways for people to express their level of suffering, or the type of pain they are experiencing. However, art is not limited to drawing and painting.

Art Therapy Benefits For People With More Serious Disorders

Without going into the details of all the possibilities, let’s just say that art therapy can benefit a wide-spectrum of disorders, diseases, and disabilities.

Art therapy can help improve various mental and physical symptoms including, but not limited to, reducing pain, anxiety, and tension. It can be beneficial to those who have mental disorders, severe or light emotional abuse, cancer, post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), people who are bipolar, and a variety of other serious ailments.


My Favorite Things – Purposeful Activities

Referred to as “Purposeful Activities” or simply put, enjoyable activities, these can aid in focusing attention on things other than pain levels. Think about the things you enjoy doing!

To better understand Purposeful Activities, we have listed some ideas that you might want to “try out and experience” at the center, as well as incorporating within your everyday experiences.

  • Play Dough/clay
  • Coloring book
  • Jigsaw, word, and math puzzles
  • Board and card games with friends or family
  • Listening to music and singing along
  • Simple crafts
  • Easy gardening (e.g., herb garden on kitchen counter that can be used for cooking)
  • Painting – by numbers
  • Simple wood working projects